03 December 2008

lucky no. 7

lovely emily tagged me in a game, the challenge is to say 7 random thing about myself and then pass it on. i will comply with the former.
one, i dont eat anything from the sea. i've never acquired a taste and i fear i never ever will. no sushi, no tuna salad, and please hold the invite to clambake, its a no can do.
two, i'm a voracious and insatiable reader. i came home from work last night, made a salad, sat on the couch read 400 pages and then went to bed. its how i roll.
three, i'm the oldest of five kids, and i have classic first child syndrome, its in everything i do.
four, i love new york deeply and truly, but i'd leave her in a ny minute for paris for good, no turnsy backys, out of here.
five, i'm going to publish a novel one day. when i do ill let you know.
six, in the spirit of winter, i'd add that i ski but am like bambi on ice. i can not skate for the life of me. seriously, tried it so many times and its just not a possibility for me.
seven, i wear skirts almost everyday. winter, spring, summer, fall.

02 December 2008

a parisian peek

i'm trying to get my life back to regularly scheduled programing but its challenging. its hard to work because all i want to do i look at my photos. good thing my monitor faces away from curious passerbys.

here's a few from an initial sort. i really liked going this time of year. its not crowded, i had the louvre practically to myself, christmas came early and i didn't even miss the sunshine.