24 May 2010

He vuelto!

i'm back! here are a few from buenos aires. i'm going to post some recommendations/highlights later but these are a few of my fave pictures that i feel best portray my trip.

14 May 2010

adios amigos

shortly i'll be on a plane to argentina! be back on the 24th. have a lovely weekend!

13 May 2010

downtown tasting

in the past few months i've done 3 tasting menus in the village and i thought i'd catalogue my findings in case anyone needs a recommendation for a special or just because occasion.
1. blue hill: 75 washington pl, near. 6th
-5 holy crow courses @ 68
- omg my favorite meal ever, so fresh and creative
- i dont know what to say just go, great vibe
2. camaje: 85 macdougal st., near bleeker
-sun-thu, any three courses @ $35
-local food
-very cozy/neighborhood gem feeling
3. mas farmhouse: 39 downing
-great service
-delicious farmfresh food, not that inventive but solid
-great drink menu, bit of an 30s+ crowd but good for spesh occasions

[carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream from mas, photo via]

11 May 2010

table of my dreams

behold, this is the dining room table of my dreams.

it really is. its exactly what i want in a table in that it is: perfect, natural, modern, and is the manifestation of my new home's theme, "urban bohemian." why WHY is it $7,250. i found other live edge options in case this table also is your dream table.
anthro @ $3,498
trailer park slope @ 2,500

07 May 2010

a bathroom rabbit

in my new place i have a very plain bathroom, the only accent in it randomly is hunter green. i'm not sure how to make it less...grandma-y. maybe a giant version of this print would help. i liked it because he is modestly looking away, appropriate. happy weekend!

tied up

i've been pretty..tied up this week. i'm going to buenes aires as i mentioned before, next friday! i'm also tying up loose ends in respect to my upcoming move to the village. its exciting but all of this change has got me in..knots! get it? the necklaces? knots! alright that's enough. here, here and here.