30 April 2010

for pete's sake

its finally the weekend.

love this print, don't you? it illustrates a very nice weekend plan.

29 April 2010

close race

but in the end...

finally bought it, can't wait to wear it.

28 April 2010

romance is alive (in philly)

my lovely bestie and her man just bought a place in philly and i am reminded of the romantic murals there i remember reading about in the times. i do love them.

27 April 2010

hold these please

i'm getting my apt inspo all mixed up in mydocuments folder. so if you could just hold these that would be great. thanks.

poster here, cranes here.

26 April 2010

oh right i almost forgot about...

Downtown Dodgeball starts Tuesday, April 27. Crap.
{frighteningly accurate representation of my future via}

23 April 2010

something i would rather be doing on a friday

must get dog. must get bike. must get out of here.

20 April 2010

new digs

i have a lot to do for this moving business over the next month or so before i change neighborhoods, and what i keep getting distracted by is stationary. namely searching for new address cards. i'm having a tough time finding ones out there in the universe that i love, so i'm probably going to design my own. here are two that i thought were cute though.

{from here and here}

13 April 2010

girl crush: janelle monae

this is my get up in the morning and face the music music. the corresponding video has taught me many things.
1. janelle monae is my girl crush
2. i really need a pair of saddle shoes
3. i'm not a good dancer

12 April 2010

rolling stone

i'm sorry i've been missing. i signed on apt rental on friday. as of may 1 i'm leaving the upper west side for a miniature place in the west village. i've dubbed it the abby diorama, as it will house 1/5 of my items. the rest will live at my parents...eee. thus much like a diorama this place is a miniature representation of actual life. [photo]

07 April 2010

shake yo' pom pom

i'm a lady who likes my stuff adorned--bows, ruffles and now pom poms.
1 2 3

06 April 2010

addendum: stumptown, nyc

the coffee at stumptown at 18 W 29th St has been blogged about a lot and rightfully so. its so delicious. i had an ice coffee on saturday and am still thinking about it as i resentfully sip on my flavia office blend. however, an addendum need be made to these posts. the boy baristas are really cute. its an interesting marketing strategy and i'm not sure how they enforce but i like it. .
its like hooters but for girls.

02 April 2010

beat it

i kept seeing this image of a heart shaped pinata on a bunch of tumblrs. it appealed to me on a cathartic level. what i didn't realize was that it was a part of a project exploring The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia.

this project consists "of a pinata stuffed with a series of paper cards. printed on each card was the name of a character in the book, as well as a provocative quote, the acronym TPOP, and a number indicating the page the quote could be found in the newspaper version of the book. upon completion, the author broke open the pinata." you can see the rest story of the here.

be kind

my mom always said this, i didn't realize it was actually plato. i'd like this for my wall please. [via]