30 January 2009

make it after all

this was a tough week! remember that episode on sex and city, when carrie is in the hamptons and she runs into berger and she has this great rant about breakups and how difficult it is, and then he practically runs away screaming. well if you don't that's fine but the point is she discussed the difficulty of "the dividing of the things." that was this week. but next week is the week that i resolve to be a better blogger. thanks to all you lovely ladies who have been sending positive vibes my way, (joanna has even offered to set me up via her amazing blog smitten!) i'm going to try and embrace my singledom for the winter and spring. but watch out, because i am already hopeful it will be a summer of love.

26 January 2009

french girl crush du jour

forgive me as i'm just getting on the yelle bandwagon--but isn't she so cute? i listen to her at the gym and it always keeps me feelin boppy. and more importantly makes me want a short hair cut, especially in this video. je l'adore.

23 January 2009

chocolate discovery

even though whole foods is expensive and i know i can get things cheaper at fairway. i can't help myself. i love it. its home to me and i won't deny myself. especially since of my icelandic chocolate discovery.

i'm in love. its creamy and dark and amazing packaging to boot. swoon.

22 January 2009

subliminal love messages

its been a while since i've been on the market. and i was wondering whether or not i exude my newfound status or if i need to up the ante. do you think hearts will help?

i imagine myself with the heart earrings (the sweater is for an alternative scenario), standing at columbus circle waiting for the C, and down the stairs comes mr. cute.  he sees me and i him but he wonders could that goddess possibly be single, and he double takes, and if his eyes don't mistake him, he sees heart earrings? yes they are heart earrings! he sighs and utters, thank goodness girlfriend is looking for love.  <3 <3

21 January 2009

for the love of legs and all things chilly

i've taken a pretty aggressive stance against leg warmers in the past, but this tonight has pushed me over the edge. i like skirts and i'm not giving them up for january.

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20 January 2009

the return

i've had a rough december and a rocky new year. had a breakup. had a family crisis. had major job changes. but i miss this little blog and all the little blogs that inspired me, so i'm giving it a go again. xx {photo via}