29 November 2008

the return

after two weeks in paris, i'm finally back. new york seems much colder than i remember and its hard getting back into the swing of things (speaking english, what time do i leave for work in the morning, what do you mean i don't have a concierge?) but it was nice having thanksgiving with friends. hope you all enjoyed yours. 

12 November 2008

t-1 day

i've spent a fair amount of time in paris, but this particular visit is exciting for two reasons. 1. the euro has relaxed a bit (i can shop again) and 2. obama is the president elect (so i don't have to listen to every pierre, jean et auguste tell me about how ridiculous american politics are, cool nymag article on that). however unbeknownst to me when i was making these plans i'm missing out on some serious activities in the u.s.a.
-banana/gap friends and family coupon
-bloomingdales friends and family coupon
-twilight comes to theatres
-sample sales up the ying yang
-opening of union square holiday market (boo, i always go on the first day, its my tradish).
so for those of you that aren't joining me on this trip to paris, please enjoy these for me. i will shop cheaply vicariously through you. {above photo via}

ps. no time to waste. off to the airport. bises!

10 November 2008

les shoes

I picked up two new shoes for mon vacance. i tried on so many this weekend but i ended up getting them both (!?) at urban and they are both (!?) comfortable. that is punctuation of disbelief btw. i hope they encourage wild behavior. un, deux.

07 November 2008

bon weekend mes amis

{photo via}
i hope everyone has a nice weekend. i'm staying in the city and shopping (maybe some samples?) for my upcoming trip to paris (this thursday!)

lady time

i got my hair cut last night, and my bangs have me feeling rather ladylike. for me and my wardrobe these whims typically manifest into ruffles.

like this

or this

or this!

05 November 2008

04 November 2008

elated at 11

what a night for democrats, for america and for the world.  i can finally sleep. 

breaking voting news

this just in from 7-11! made me laugh. i hope you all get out to vote today. i did my part!