17 June 2009


last night when i was doing the dishes i noticed all of my juice cups either don't match or have little chips. this is a problem. i need some cute new ones in a hurry.

i like these. juicy juicy juicy.

16 June 2009

am i a total square?

or have you never heard of rubikcubism either?

totally blows my mind. [via wooster collective]

15 June 2009

soulbrother stephano

i have a list of growing evidence that stephano tonchi from tmag should in fact be my best friend. to prove my love i am doing something i said i wasn't going to do: post from the selby.

we both love cowboys.

appreciate a clean desk.

and share a love of glassware.

03 June 2009


my poor coworker lost his two front teeth in an unfortunate rough housing accident. i've been left swamped at work! he refuses to send me a photo in his absence, i found these to sate my curiosity.

i hope they sate you guys until the end of the week! aww, aww & aww.