03 December 2008

lucky no. 7

lovely emily tagged me in a game, the challenge is to say 7 random thing about myself and then pass it on. i will comply with the former.
one, i dont eat anything from the sea. i've never acquired a taste and i fear i never ever will. no sushi, no tuna salad, and please hold the invite to clambake, its a no can do.
two, i'm a voracious and insatiable reader. i came home from work last night, made a salad, sat on the couch read 400 pages and then went to bed. its how i roll.
three, i'm the oldest of five kids, and i have classic first child syndrome, its in everything i do.
four, i love new york deeply and truly, but i'd leave her in a ny minute for paris for good, no turnsy backys, out of here.
five, i'm going to publish a novel one day. when i do ill let you know.
six, in the spirit of winter, i'd add that i ski but am like bambi on ice. i can not skate for the life of me. seriously, tried it so many times and its just not a possibility for me.
seven, i wear skirts almost everyday. winter, spring, summer, fall.

02 December 2008

a parisian peek

i'm trying to get my life back to regularly scheduled programing but its challenging. its hard to work because all i want to do i look at my photos. good thing my monitor faces away from curious passerbys.

here's a few from an initial sort. i really liked going this time of year. its not crowded, i had the louvre practically to myself, christmas came early and i didn't even miss the sunshine.

29 November 2008

the return

after two weeks in paris, i'm finally back. new york seems much colder than i remember and its hard getting back into the swing of things (speaking english, what time do i leave for work in the morning, what do you mean i don't have a concierge?) but it was nice having thanksgiving with friends. hope you all enjoyed yours. 

12 November 2008

t-1 day

i've spent a fair amount of time in paris, but this particular visit is exciting for two reasons. 1. the euro has relaxed a bit (i can shop again) and 2. obama is the president elect (so i don't have to listen to every pierre, jean et auguste tell me about how ridiculous american politics are, cool nymag article on that). however unbeknownst to me when i was making these plans i'm missing out on some serious activities in the u.s.a.
-banana/gap friends and family coupon
-bloomingdales friends and family coupon
-twilight comes to theatres
-sample sales up the ying yang
-opening of union square holiday market (boo, i always go on the first day, its my tradish).
so for those of you that aren't joining me on this trip to paris, please enjoy these for me. i will shop cheaply vicariously through you. {above photo via}

ps. no time to waste. off to the airport. bises!

10 November 2008

les shoes

I picked up two new shoes for mon vacance. i tried on so many this weekend but i ended up getting them both (!?) at urban and they are both (!?) comfortable. that is punctuation of disbelief btw. i hope they encourage wild behavior. un, deux.

07 November 2008

bon weekend mes amis

{photo via}
i hope everyone has a nice weekend. i'm staying in the city and shopping (maybe some samples?) for my upcoming trip to paris (this thursday!)

lady time

i got my hair cut last night, and my bangs have me feeling rather ladylike. for me and my wardrobe these whims typically manifest into ruffles.

like this

or this

or this!

05 November 2008

04 November 2008

elated at 11

what a night for democrats, for america and for the world.  i can finally sleep. 

breaking voting news

this just in from 7-11! made me laugh. i hope you all get out to vote today. i did my part!

31 October 2008

'ween linkage

- perhaps my favorite series of vids ever. animals. at the zoo. playing with pumpkins.
- for the men in our lives with hopes for a don draper halloween.
- my friend sent this to me for the holiday, it brings back my 80s's childhood in one clean swoop. i love the count and the batty bats.
-better late than never, campaigners in uk seeks pardon for witches from 16th-18thC
-i want this coat so bad, but the price is sspoooky!
i hope everyone has a great weekend. i'm off to the parade tonight and then up to boston.

30 October 2008

exotic tapes

i think i may start a collection. i'm kinda crazy for patterned tape. (via frolic)

other great selections found at this etsy store

29 October 2008

buffalo soldiers

the dwight private school is my neighbor and where its nice to see the wee ones come out to play in central park with their gym teachers-- it does have its downside. namely, hot teens that dress better than me and make me self conscious about my hair. when i saw them coming around the corner this morning i was like, hey what do you got that i don't got. my answer: buffalo plaid!

coat, dress, scarf, success.

28 October 2008


there's a lot of crafty, creative carving out there. i thought i'd throw the fruits of our labor into the mix for consult and critique. ahem, behold.

i believe i will be picking little pumpkin shreds off the rug for days. but so cute no?

27 October 2008

with the greatest of ease

i present to you my favorite gift of the flying trapeze. i just bought a gift card for my sister to the new york trapeze school. its suprisingly affordable (the holidays are a-coming) and fabulous (ahem like see the pic). each class is 2 hours long and in a group. i think i may just quit my day job and join the circus.
{pic via}

23 October 2008

halloween throwback

some of my favorite family photos are from halloween, especially of my parents growing up. there are so many sweet ones on flickr. they could get anyone feeling the holiday.

i love them.

21 October 2008

my hero

unless you live in new york city, or read the gothamist you may not have been introduced to my hero. meet Editta Sherman.
she is a noted photographer, a wearer of hats, a nyc icon and she is getting kicked out of her sweet pad! she is 96, pays $540 a month and has lived there for 59 years. they are renovating and want her out. she's not budging for less than 10 mill. i can only hope that i'm that crazy and that stubborn at her age. she is the duchess of carnegie hall and my heart. 

20 October 2008

monday monday

taking a shower this morning was the most difficult thing i've ever had to do. i think if i had this in my bathroom, i'd be able to face the day.

on urban

17 October 2008

knit picks

it was kinda chills this morning. i should have had one of these, (the collar may not have helped but i would still like it.)

merci etsy: braid, cowl, collar.

16 October 2008

facelift 2

sent to me from my sis. another contender for the white office wall.  

in music news

1. this album cover looks like me in my childhood bedroom, except swap out that matisse for a dolphin poster.
2. this album cover is from my new fascination frances the band
3. my fave song from the album is cousin
4. i discovered this song from amie street (you know of it? sets the price of songs from free to 98¢. depending on popularity as to encourage musical discovery, meh works with itunes etc).
5. wee! that is all.

15 October 2008

my name is abby

and i crush on bows. as you might or might not have noticed, i have a bit of an addiction. as its pay day, i looked at my "things i want" folder saved in my internet explorer and i fear its true. please note i weaned my list down to include only grey and black for the sake of this post and humanity.

must i be stopped? can i be stopped?!
{tights, hat, pin, headband, dress, necklace, oye!}

14 October 2008

will you spend as much time on this site as i did?

wow i just spent a lot of time on this site. its a relatively new project called "think again" by the atlantic (swoon) "devoted to the idea that asking questions leads us to better answers." when is evil cool? is america still the land of opportunity? which religion will win? each answer is examined though great video interviews on the site, articles and documentaries. they also invite you to participate on their blog.

my office needs a facelift

my internal office needs a little life. i think this poster would help, its called "A Guide to Fifty Nine Fields." get it at tiny showcase, here.

13 October 2008

walk home

reminded me of two things. how much i love colder weather and how much i need new brown flats. look at my scuffed toes! its scandalous.

le halloween costume, part un

done. not so original as far as costumes go, but i've always wanted to! and these shoes rock on past the 31st.

11 October 2008

born in the usa

i finally made it down to kiosk kiosk to see their usa edition. it really was such a treat to be surrounded with such great pieces of americana. an awesome selection i couldn't walk away empty handed. below are just two of my purchases.

my shaker onion basket looks perfect on the kitchen wall and i loved the penn dutch stationary reminds me of my college days in pa. 

09 October 2008

another reason to love october

what: Banksy's Village Pet Store and Grill (an animatronic installation of pet-like displays with a twist, ahem see the pic!)
where: 89 7th Ave. South
when: 10am - midnight through October 31st
me: i must see for myself.

and for those of you lovelies that can not attend. there is a video, behold. {via gothamist}

[and p.p.s for those of you lovelies that can attend but just are really into animals right now, i kinda love andy samberg for his Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals bit on snl.]

today's approach to wellness

want it.

man cold

i've got my first cold of the season. i've decided to look on the bright side that a) i'm getting it out of the way now and b) i don't have to suffer the way men do, please see important medical evidence below.

08 October 2008

solution to all of life's problems

no wrapping paper? need to quiet a loved one? cinch a dress in a pinch? i rest my case.

thanks ff. you did it.

07 October 2008

where was this in college?

have you read about this? i think its hilarious. its called "mail goggles" and according to gmail it "will check that you're really sure you want to send that late night Friday email. And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you're in the right state of mind?"

they said its defaulted to weekend nights but you can set it for any time for those daytime and midweek drinkers. via

boot spectrum

i have the brown and black covered, i think i need some color up in this wardrobe. these days variety is a plenty.
r o y g b v

adventures in sleep deprivation

my apt faces the street and despite my efforts with curtains, there is an unlawful amount of light creeping in. i can practically read in bed with the lights off. so once again i ask what would audrey do?

though i can get a replica of her sleepware here (and silly enough her ear pugs here), i think i prefer these.

06 October 2008

¡Muy bueno!

ok i'm a musical girl at heart. they remind me of my "cultural saturdays" with grandmother as a wee lass on long island. but after seeing in the heights this weekend i think this musical is for everybody. its upbeat, with amazing latin and urban dance that made me wanna shake it, great singing, lil rapping, love story, triumph over odds, and lots of ny-centric humor. i think lives up to the hype and definitely met my expectations.