23 July 2010


i'm having issues uploading photos i'm not sure why..so i've been pretty light this week. a new friend has been making rounds around all of new york's museums and i was reminded of this video. pretty neat.

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

20 July 2010

nicole richie?!

i'm kinda ashamed to admit but i love all her new jewels. the leather inlay is pretty cool. you win this time richie.

16 July 2010

important discovery

this is very good nail polish.

-it doesn't chip
-dries fast!
-it comes in a million colors, this is turquoise
-makes my grubby lil nails look A-ok, see pic.

get it here

15 July 2010

le quatorze juillet

in honor of la fete nationale...

un deux trois quatre cinq six

14 July 2010

ceci n'est pas un t-shirt

i have a soft side for magritte and bikes. this shirt is the perf combo.

13 July 2010

couple crush

if i could tell you the amount of times i wished i was a married redheaded model living in TN with my rockstar husband, well, it would be at least 2o or so times. after reading about her music in vogue last month its about all i've been listening to lately at work. the below is one of my favorites.

i relate to karen in trying to prove myself as a model and a musician. its been an uphill battle for me..too..

12 July 2010

adventures in wallpaper removal

i dont know if you can make out the frantic scratches that i circled. but as i said behold this is when i gave up. post crying, post bleeding, pre ennui.

oh man

i overslept for like...2 months again. well thank you for your nice notes about my absence. i am alive and well. in fact very well, as part of the reason for my blogvacay was because i moved to a perfectly perfect street in the village. (i'm not being a brat here, but
its really cute).