24 February 2009

masks in the workplace

i feel like my office has a revolving door today. i'm going to take a new approach for the rest of the week that i think is going to scare them off. i'll let you know how it goes.


friday, a little sexy note to end the week on.

20 February 2009

mission accomplished

working in corporate america these days is rough on the nerves. i've always been thrifty but with all these cut backs i've become a full blown paranoid penny pinchin recessionista. so its been difficult to see these beautiful lace necklaces everywhere as the prices have been startling! where i appreciate the artistry and the workmanship i just can't stomach the price tag. i was so happy to find this one here for just 17 dollars. sigh it made my day.

12 February 2009

i just wasn't into it

my two girl friends and i went to union square, bit the bullet and saw he's just not that into you. my experience can be summed up in this article, i would definitely recommend reading it. highlights include: "Ben Affleck, inexplicably, has a sailboat" & "I just heard sixty women go "awwwww"." i didn't take offense as the author did on behalf of womankind, as I too inexplicably i drew parallels to my own experiences. i'm still sulking about my resultant baby depresh.  it's saving grace truly was the harry potter preview! did anyone like it? did i miss something?

05 February 2009

her morning elegance

i've been having the most vivid dreams lately. i wake up and for a few hazy moments i can't remember if it really happened. i think if someone were to video tape me in my sleep it would go something like this.

cool right? i really love the song too.

04 February 2009

love on the cheap

for the romantic recessionista. only 19.99 and found here.

03 February 2009

lego vision

i'm grateful everyday to live in new york city because i'm constantly exposed to new points of view and perspectives. this way of seeing the world is one i'm happy to adopt. i just need to scrounge up some legos.