30 September 2008

ily christina koutsospyrou

i never saw these gorge glycee prints here.  she's like fab central. 

& for the non veegs

cutting boards for the kitch.

i can't believe its not..leather

i'm a girl that likes me a nice piece of leather furniture. i have leather shoes, purses, even a leather handled nail file. it doesn't mean i don't appreciate vegan alternatives. matt & nat could turn even a leather clad biker babe's head. chic, canadian, & even more lux in person.

29 September 2008

buttons and bows

so i've been obsessing about this bow cardi for a while now and at $530, i just don't think its meant to be. however, today i found this.

could it be? am i meant to recreate this sweater instead? in tribute! with my psycho button collection! that has accumulated to epic proportions! as i refuse to throw away the ever present extra button! i think its kinda cute.

my sunday best

i must say this was the best 14 bucks i ever spent. confortable and so much cuter in person.

26 September 2008


i plan on a low key weekend filled with

perhaps if i were more spontaneous/not afraid i would run into someone i knew i would do this
what: The Mp3 Experiment
when: Saturday, September 27 (rain or shine) 3:15 PM
where: Governor’s Island
how: wear a Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green t-shirt & bring an umbrella and an uninflated balloon.
me: eeeee, leave it to the experts.

note: that french toast is from blossom cafe on uws. if youre in the hood check it out. warning, tis not for the day-after/hangover crowd.

take 2

this morning did not go as planned. i was completely unprepared for the elements. no jacket, no umbrella, no wellies, no happiness. if i could do a redo it would go as follows.

shoulda. woulda. coulda.

24 September 2008

hudson bay don't play

its so chilly in my apt tonight i decided to whip out ye ole hudson bay point blanket of much love. mine is from llbean.

i started thinking i'd like some of this HB action outside the home. 

i want each of these, though perhaps not to be worn at once. (the tee via and all the other things are from the real deal source)

vive le hermes sample sale

i know you were curious about it so i went to the hermes sample sale. this is one girl's story. i got there at 8:30 am with my friend to a line that was a street long filled with non english speaking ladies (note: i dont mind at all of course, but it wasn't good for questions and/or making friends). the intense sun permeated my glasses and burned my soul as i waited. 11:30 am go time, then elevator line, then bag check sigh, and then to the goods. i grabbed two scarves and two ties for fam. but the other stuff (trop cher shoes and bags and clothes) was so fab. then i waited on another crazy line to check out. i high tailed it to work. i strolled in nonchalantly, at a no-big-deal-i'm-four-hours-late pace to a pile of things on my chair.

verdict/overall satisfaction rate: TBD, i'm too hungry/thirsty/sunburned to tell. and in case youre wondering yeah that pic is of me.

23 September 2008

vip treatment for the vps

i was emailed this blog from a friend who knows my love of history and i must admit i dig it. she is a self proclaimed paintress of the veeps and to her i say here, here. its about time the vice presidents get a little time in the limelight. my personal fav + historical crush is below.

she also posts quirky facts for each. here's one for jefferson: the man reaally liked the good life. when he died in 1862, he had racked up over $100,000 of debt. (in 2008 = $1.5 mill) his fam had to sell Monticello to pay it off. i still think he was a hottie.

22 September 2008

link miscellanea

- for those in nyc tomorrow, the met has a new photo exhibit of rudy burckhardt's ridic classic nyc photos from the late 1930s
- not in nyc, check this out for gorge nyc pics in one very handy post
- michael moore's newest film, slacker uprising, opens tomorrow for free on the www
- david blaine is hanging upside down in nyc for a mad long time
- gwen paltrow launched a site on how to be gwen p, i'm intrigued by the colorful icons and matter of fact mission statement
- nyff starts friday, whos taking me?

new additions

here at the latest imports to the apt courtesy of the antique fair.  the crowd was particularly hungry and energetic this year so it was tricky finding gems. i'm sated for the time being. ok voila le fern stand. its suprisingly difficult to find a good one where the fern actually fits into it, rather than sits on top.
it looks like it's always been here, for me its success. plus my fern likes it.
cute matches for a growing collection,

and mugs, its as if the universe knew.

19 September 2008

home again home again

off to my hometown to hang with these lovely creatures and shop the episc church antique fair. i'll take pics of any ridiculous finds.

mug shot

i'm in the market for some new tea mugs.

one for each of my occupations: erm scientist, optimist, botanist, artist.

18 September 2008

girl crush du jour

i love pauline croze for many reasons. she is french, obvi, and makes me feel french. she is gorgeous. she has a lovely voice and thoughtful words. 

and now because she has sweet vids. (zut alors how did i not know!) this one baiser d'adieu makes me want to kiss strangers on the street. 

bike for a day

what: bicycle for a day
when: saturday, september 20, 10am - 5pm
where: south st seaport, 19 fulton st, heres the bike map to get there
why: the nice man gave me a flyer, car exhaust is dreadful, also bikes are awesome and should take over the city
me: if had a bike or was in nyc this weekend, i would be there
mo info: http://www.bicycleforday.com/

17 September 2008

plaid all over

its nice and cool out, and all this autumn plaid (notebook, shirt, clip!) is making me miss college.

must get new camera

i'm being a bit of a web flâneur today but i think this guy's photo blog is awesome.

and it was so perfect as i am suffering from diet coke withdrawl. its literally all i can think about.

16 September 2008


bored on the walk home from work i stopped in saks, just for a look. and there i saw this bag, in violet, in the distance, comme un dream, and in the words of rachel zoe (don't judge me), i die. but unlike her show, i don't end up with the bag at the end of the episode. the tourist with the euros does. she almost plucked it off my shoulder.

i know. its a sad story for me and america. to cheer us up here are other rosy beauties under 4 digits.

monthly amazon run

i always meant to pick these up but i can't prolong it now amazon is having a 4 for 3 sale on them. for my upcoming trips i got paris, london, buenes aires and for a bit of whimsy i grabbed marrakesh.

pretty for the bookshelf and the content is good (albeit at times a bit too high end).

15 September 2008

curse of the men's sweater

seeing this cute, men's, only-avail-for-presale sweater on jcrew made me think of this convo on Overheard in New York.

20-something Long Island girl: Oh god! This breakup has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I honestly don't even care that he dumped me.
Friend: Yeah, totally.
20-something Long Island girl: Seriously, he needs to realize if it wasn't for that sweater he was wearing, and the fact that I was on ecstasy that night, we would have never dated for this long.
Friend: Yeah! It was J.Crew... And they were double stacked...you were powerless.

giiiirl, i know it.

a la faveur de l'automne

when i lived in paris back in 04, i discovered tété at the fnac near my school. i loved him instantly & i listened to the cd everyday. rediscovering him now via itunes was nearly just as nice.

try on fils de cham and mon tresor. i'd call it francofolk.

12 September 2008

sunday plans

what: Brooklyn Book Festival
when: Sunday, September 14, 10-6
where: BK Borough Hall
who: there's a miiiillion authors but some standouts are Chuck Klosterman (Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, Killing Yourself to Live), Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections, The Twenty-Seventh City, Strong Motion), Cecily von Ziegesar (Gossip Girls! xoxo) & Pete Hamill (North River, Forever)
me: the english major in me says MEOW.
mo info: http://www.brooklynbookfestival.org/


everytime i go to vivre.com i immediately need a lustectomy. i can't afford this luggage nor can i fathom where to put it in the apt but i lust for it so.

best part to me besides its sense of nostalgia is it's made of mysterious "Vulcan Fiber" that "achieves optimum strength in 10 years." i will have to plan a ridiculous trip for my 35th. hopefully i too will continue to beautify. also while i'm packing i'd like to rest my suitcase on this, it's made of vintages ties for some masculine sensibility up in that shh.

11 September 2008

ny ny

living in new york is amazing. the diversity of places and things to do leaves me awestruck and still (after all these years!) slightly overwhelmed. what's comforting to me is despite the chaos and the noise, new yorkers do the same things as everywhere else they

go to work,

play and surround themselves with those they love

& stand up for what they believe in. in my opinion though, in a bit more fabulous way.

10 September 2008

my kind of technology

ok my first response is aww PRETTY! however, my second is le sigh i'm going to have same buyer's indecision i do at american apparel. i like them all when they are lined up like but which do i like enough to stand alone? it's daunting.

the bee's knees

i received a very sweet gift from a friend who stayed at my place a few weeks ago. i tried it last night paired avec cheese (as the instructions indicated) and the verdict was delicious! the packaging is so just cute and as experience proved it makes a great gift.

i was left a little sticky, full and inspired to explore bees.

amazing hand cut paper bee, honeycomb mirror from pottery barn, fabs little screenprint, lovely bee-y earrings, adorable just because cards, & ya know a little something-something from vintage mariah because it's like honey when it washes over me, you know sugar never ever was so sweet.

09 September 2008

the tops

i'm very excited about the us version of the topshop website that launched today. i already spent my lunch hour perusing the wares. in the cart:

and for the top men in our lives.

today in a tee

if i was wearing this cute shirt i could answer all of today's questions at work by simply pointing. now i just gotta get me some yen!

08 September 2008

double whammy

this friday the susan inglett gallery presents two equally promising and fun exhibitions: 1. "who needs the explorers club anyway," new paintings by chris ulivo (from the website, "a would-be Adventurer were it not for the sheer daring and physical exertion involved") and 2. a new work from actor harry shearer (think spinal tap!) examining a candid side of well known political and media personalities moments before air. the gallery is hosting a reception where you can rub elbows with the artists from 6-8 p.m.

if you can't make it friday to meet the artists, it shouldn't stop you from seeing it. it will be on display until 10/11/08, tuesday to saturday 10 to 6 at 522 West 24th Street.

07 September 2008

sunday shopaholism

i'm having some kind of a red fantasy shopping sesh.

beautiful tray for fall entertainment; natural night table for my very skinny boudoir; cheapy chic necklace; lovely swallow mobile; new notebooks; dreamy pillow; all purpose dogwood pin; light and portable hammock; cozy cup cozy. i'm trying to work out now where i can fit a hammock in the apt.

05 September 2008

a horse of a different color

i'm back and it was better than i ever imagined! it was an intense opening night with an eager crowd and technical difficulties, but i loved every second. it had emotive and nuanced acting, innovative costumes and set, and a totally twisted storyline! now on to the-getting-down-to-business portion of this review, i could handle the nudity itself--its nothing to really discuss-- but i was surprised at all the streaking and the sexing and the bounding and the gauging. you'll see, its kind of crazy.

please also note uncle vernon has also made the jump from land of wizards to the riding stables.

potter watch: equus

today is the opening night of equus and obvi i'm going. needless to say i'm nervous, especially since this is on the table. so i carefully picked a classic yet conversational outfit to catch harry, i mean daniel radcliffe's eye. i'm also donning these.

they start a conversation everytime and i get to pull out a little factoid that cicadas are good luck in provencal france. so he will think i'm stylish and international. i love erica weiner's things, stylish and cheap.

04 September 2008

sexiest truck on the road

i know, i know, everyone knows about this but its just so good. on the way home from fairway i dropped my reuseable shopping bags in my tracks, ponied up $4 and had the most delicious vanilla (i'm a purist) ice cream i've ever had. such a cute website too.
we dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend, so we buy ice cream - mr. emerson

cause we've all been painted by numbers*

i have large correspondence card collection but i think i'd add these from caulfield parcel to it for two reasons. 1. because it might be closest i get to a vespa anytime soon, sigh. 2. because it reminds me of this song* by the sounds.
wouldn't this concept be a good one for an rsvp card as well?

saddle up for humanity

i am a woman divided. the humanitarian in me says these boots are long overdue, tom's kids must be sick of their tradish pair by now. however, the equestrian in me says, aren't these for ponies?

now in 5 colors. also for those that prefer footware with a political agenda they also have these.

03 September 2008

skinny on skin

my boss told me today that her dentist/cousin told her in confidence that her dermo/high school pal revealed the greatest secret known to dermatology today. ready? ye who uses cvs brand lotion shall receive the same benefits as any expensive creme. needless to say, i'm not sure who to believe. i'm not sure if my boss is lying to me, keeping this tremendous secret hostage, passively yet effectively cursing my youth, or if the fable in fact begins with an embittered dermo trying to get back at her slutty dentist friend for macking on her hs boyfriend even after all these years. either way, i think this confession is totally bogus, as clearly depicted by my skincare regime:

i swear by all of these.