27 August 2009

hoe gaat het?

i've been busy planning a very last minute trip to the netherlands! my friend is living in amsterdam but we plan on traveling around a bit. hopefully stumbling upon the tullip'ed meadow and windmill pictured above. ill be there from sept 4-12. anyone have any suggestions? i'm super excited. [photo via]

21 August 2009

weekenditis revisited

my weekend dream came true: its friday. i wish i was naked riding through the plains on the back of a pickup truck, but alas i will go to the gym and do a lot of errands. happy weekend.
[photo by ryan mcginley]

14 August 2009

in the loop

i'm not sure how um in the loop you have been about the film, in the loop, but i just thought put it out that it was amazing. its a wild cursing, hilarious parody of the inner workings of both the american and british government. for those who have seen it would you not agree that and the absense of laughter is unforseeable. it would be a great movie to bring a boy to, or a sassy gf.

13 August 2009

whale of a dream

so last night i had the strangest dream, i was at an aquarium with my parents and my best friend and we were watching the whale trainer feed the whales. but they were like blue whales, huge massive dinosaur whales and they would have to jump in the air to catch these giant fish. as i was walking back from getting a popcorn i watched the whale leap into the sky and land right on the structure above the audience, crushing it into pieces! suddenly the aquarium was submerged in the ocean and the whale swam away and i had to find all my peeps. it was very stressful. however on the subway ride over to work this morning i ran into my coworker and she said she had a dream that there was a man selling Torahs door to door and was trying to break into her apt. also stressful. perhaps it was all the rain last night. to come to peace with them, here are some whale things i think i need to heal.

from here here and here

12 August 2009

he loves me he loves me not

i loved this postcard as i always say this rhyme in the presence of daisies. 

11 August 2009

oh good morning!

in times of extreme boredom, i visit passiveaggressivenotes.com. working in a big office, lovingly written mots similar to those on the site are pretty common. but never have i seen such aggression as i did this morning! on my apt door! in lipstick

07 August 2009

peace, love and mj

i've felt strange about not mentioning mj on my blog as i've been such a fan since my childhood, but in truth it was deliberate. as my coworkers, friends and exbf all think its extremely random, and more or less find me a jacko wacko in my own right. however, one of my favorite blogs, luxirare, leaves me no choice but to post. silent no longer, as her memorabilia fashions are without equal. 

pretty incredible right, see the rest here.

05 August 2009

head over hills

i saw this on the moment blog and they kinda made my day. finally these ladies are immoralized in an appropriate medium: pastel!

if anyone headed to vancouver,
Charles H. Scott Gallery
Karin Bubaš, With Friends Like These...
July 29 — September 13, 2009

04 August 2009

unexpected guest

there was a firefly perched on my air conditioner outside, and it made me miss summers on long island. i played firefly by owl city and danced about my apartment in celebration. 

03 August 2009

monday song

has anyone else been slammed at work besides me? its summer! and shouldnt there be any perks to a depressed economy? oh well, here is a song for any of ye reader vigilantes.