26 February 2010

le weekend

i was just informed i have a snowday. amazing. this weekend i plan to sleep a lot, upon a host of pillows. i may also go to step class. have a lovely one! [photo via]

25 February 2010

snowy city day

when it snows in nyc, i'm reminded why i pay the crazy rent.
it is so beautiful.

24 February 2010


i fell upon another great/terrible distraction from my workday: hipster puppies tumblr. this one reads "perry could have easily informed the waiter that his order was wrong, but has decided to just write a bad yelp review instead."

mission martinique

i'm trying to gear myself up for a trip with my sister to martinique. i found this pic on flickr and it has inspired some new shopping needs.

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23 February 2010

on my toes

in 2010, i'm treating myself to cultural events. tonight i took my caboose to the ballet. this particular one was broken into two very different pieces: one hour of chopin and the other an interpretation of west side story. i upgraded my ticket but there are always seats for $20.

22 February 2010

happy thought

when i have busy, les miserables type days at work i hold to a peter pan type happy thought. mine is below. it's one of my most prized possessions. it allows my mind to wander to when i have a townhouse or a place in the mountains and can hang it outside my door.

lucky for you, one can actually purchase my happy thought here. who says you can't buy happiness.

19 February 2010

merci beaucoup mes chatons

just wanted to wish everyone a pleasant weekend. thank you for making my first week back on the blog a loving experience. i'm so happy i feel as though i am surrounded by fuzzy grey kittens.

tea time

i really love mugs (as i've said before). i'd have more if my kitchen wasn't so teeny tiny. this one may just have to squeeze in my cabinet. [from here]

18 February 2010

the circle of scarf

i find scarfs that are not circular these days too arduous to put on. i have a few cowly ones and i feel not only warmer but chicer. these are my favorites.

from here here here and with a zipper! from here.

17 February 2010

i heart sweatshirts

it seems no one is letting me forget about valentine's day. every cute girl on the street is wearing hearts in this totally casual, loving way. i want to be apart of the magic. behold my take on unfussy romance from low end to high.



16 February 2010

non fiction mania

i tend to buy and read a lot of books. lately i've been reading a lot as its been so very cold and i think i've been procrastinating starting other things. below are three books that i've read and could recommend easily to you. for a change they are all non-fiction, which is very rare for me.

ok, i've never been one for self help books. but this year i've kinda been on a self discovery of sorts as i'm approaching my GAG late 20s, and i thought this one would be a good idea. gf gretchen is organized. shes a list-making, researching, inquisitive lady that i would like to be. this book was low on kitsch, inspiring and made question my own perception of what is happiness.

basically this book combines two of my great loves of all time: microhistory and veuve clicquot. in my 26 years i've drank dozens upon dozens of bottles and often wonder who can i thank, this book offers a face, a name and a story of audacity for just that purpose. i think it was well done, as long as it's read maybe with a glass or two.
i really loved this book. it has all of the makings for me of an interesting read: historical significance, both a ny and international setting, fashion, glamour, absurdity and a family story. it is Francine du Plessix Gray's story of her parents. her mother was a renowned saks designer of hats, and her stepfather was a writer at Vogue. it really was beautifully written and very honest.

12 February 2010

sassy in 2010

i've made a lot of new years resolutions this year. i want to run a 5K, learn to knit, be more peaceful, try and read a 1/2 of the books that i buy, but also keep up this blog. its something that always gets put on hold when work gets busy and i hate that. so heres so a new and sassy 2010. what's that you say? i should have done this in january? my people celebrate the new year on feb 12. [photo via]