31 March 2010

peep this

in the spirit of easter check out this year's washington post peep contest entries. my fave is good night peep. cute on many levels.

25 March 2010

puppy love

so i'm in the midst of a major life decision to get a puppy. i just can't decide which puppy i am going to love the most. these are my top three contenders:

22 March 2010

rainy day activity

i know these are for children, but I kinda want them.

19 March 2010

weekend sale

i do love a 30% off, at BR, gap and ON this weekend. coupon here.

12 March 2010

birthday weekend

i turn 27 tomorrow, ew. i'm officially in my late 20s! yikes..happy weekend everyone! [pic via]

11 March 2010

water solution

hey, i like these. a much more sophisticated alternative to my college nalgene.

magnetic fields

i was lucky enough to go to the magnetic fields concert last night at town hall. one of my ab faves for many reasons, mostly sentimental but also just a really talented group. i can't express how great they are live so please see the below video for evidence from a recent concert on this tour.

they also mentioned they are not sold out tonight and tomorrow, so if you can i would definitely buy a ticket and get over there.

10 March 2010

feeling flowery

maybe its the milder temperatures or all the florals over on chelsea's blog. but i'm feeling it.

1 2 3 4

08 March 2010

don't cry for me argentina

so my plans have abruptly changed for may. martinique is out and buenos aires is in! i'm muy excited for this adventure as its a culture, language and country i know very little about. from what i can gather thus far, its really beautiful.

05 March 2010

musing on bows

as i've said before, nearly all of my fashion influences come from the 13-17 year old girls that i see every morning as i pass the dwight school. today i noticed in addition to their cooler than thou outfits 3 had long braids with bows. now i'm getting up there in years but it really did look cute. [pic from here, very cute grosgrain bow solution at urban outfitters here].

ole ye alice in wonderland

i'm more than excited about the new alice in wonderland. my friend sent me this to sate me. this is pretty awesome; the British Film Institute National Archive recently restored this version from 1903. it's incredible and creepy.

02 March 2010

march sweater weather

today is practically sweater weather, (as long as you wear gloves and a hat and a scarf). i wish i had this or this: