29 August 2008

shake it like a polaroid picture

today i took advantage of the whitney museum pay what you wish policy on fridays after work (6-9). ever the patron des arts, i paid 5 bucks. i read that there was a polaroid exhibit there and as a serial museum photography skipper, i thought this might be my speed. between you and me, i don't know what it is about photographs in museums that wear me out but this one managed to hold my attention. maybe i too felt swept up amidst the great polaroid panic of 2008 (!!) or maybe they were just really beautiful.

i suggest checking out mapplethorpe's work before it peaces on sept 14.
{photo via whitney's flickr}


my co-worker just told me my cosmetic bag was "stank." i fear that's never good. i think i justified keeping my old one because i thought no one ever saw it. sigh, no longer can i live this way. the top contenders are below.

marc jacobs via bloomingdales
lv via lv
prada via overstock, here and here

28 August 2008

2008 commitment to excellence continues

part of my 2008 commitment to excellence is to take as many free classes as i can. so as one could imagine i was happy to find this list from time out magazine of free seminars offered at nyc colleges. on my must attend list is maya angelou at pace (she spoke so beautifully at my college graduation), joseph o’neill (of netherland fame) at marymount manhattan, maybe a few hours at cuny's drunk-driving simulator (why not?) and obvi the lolita panel at the new school, (since its one of my favorite all time books). its just another reason why i love new york, its so easy to be a remain a student with or without the college id.

{via flickr}

wednesday night's movie night and movie night is alright

tonight i saw elegy at my lincoln plaza. this theatre is forever endeared to me in all its small theatre wonder-- locally made baked goods, hand holding date nighters, old and occasionally deaf new yorkers, asking the screen questions though they may never receive an answer. (think less "ms. director, why must you bombard me with foreshadow?"-- more "what did she say?").

although this movie is far too depressing for your average wednesday, i have no regrets for an incredible girl crush has been born. i'm in love with penelope, yeah i said it. its definitely a great movie it just requires a hug afterward as the moral of this story goes (spoiler alert) men suck until you get cancer.

27 August 2008


when i see beautiful Parisian kitchens like this, i'm always so jealous because erm, mine looks like this!
actually their whole place is pretty fab.

sale shoes fo sho

for work &

for play!
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26 August 2008

vicious and delicious

perfect with my cleopatra bangs, but at in sterling silver ($110), gold vermeil ($130), or solid 14k ($900). i may have to wait until my holiday bonus.
{via catbird}

cat on head

i always see this guy walking up and down broadway and whenever i mention it to someone they think i'm crazy. now at least i have photographic evidence.
{via flickr}

25 August 2008


its not often that a skirt brings one to start a blog but these ones did.