12 November 2008

t-1 day

i've spent a fair amount of time in paris, but this particular visit is exciting for two reasons. 1. the euro has relaxed a bit (i can shop again) and 2. obama is the president elect (so i don't have to listen to every pierre, jean et auguste tell me about how ridiculous american politics are, cool nymag article on that). however unbeknownst to me when i was making these plans i'm missing out on some serious activities in the u.s.a.
-banana/gap friends and family coupon
-bloomingdales friends and family coupon
-twilight comes to theatres
-sample sales up the ying yang
-opening of union square holiday market (boo, i always go on the first day, its my tradish).
so for those of you that aren't joining me on this trip to paris, please enjoy these for me. i will shop cheaply vicariously through you. {above photo via}

ps. no time to waste. off to the airport. bises!


Joanna Goddard said...

ha, yes, thank god about the euro! (ps. pieer, jean et august=LOL)

Rebecca said...

ohh yes--but I would trade you in a second! enjoy the sights!

Emily said...

I still think you have the better end of the deal! I went to see twilight yesterday and thought it was a disapointment. I suppose they never really would be able to make it as good as the book.

Emily said...

P.S: I have tagged you in a game.

Morbeline said...

Oh, it looks like the photo is from arc de trioumphe. Nice!

Paris is lovely, lovely, lovely. If you have time, drop by the world's largest and oldest flea marked in Porte de Clingancorte (metro stop with the same name). Really an experience!

Anonymous said...