11 May 2010

table of my dreams

behold, this is the dining room table of my dreams.

it really is. its exactly what i want in a table in that it is: perfect, natural, modern, and is the manifestation of my new home's theme, "urban bohemian." why WHY is it $7,250. i found other live edge options in case this table also is your dream table.
anthro @ $3,498
trailer park slope @ 2,500


Annie said...

LOVE it!! "Urban bohemian" - sweet classification

stephanie said...

oh i think i'm in love.

chelsea said...

SO cool!

{lovely little things} said...

Perfect for a rustic feast! I love this table too!

Carly Sloan said...

this reminds me of the $3000 bed Andy wanted to get with storage below. Think 'this table' with drawers ... underneath.

Anonymous said...

hey i discovered your blog today.. and i like it.
this table by the way.. i'm making one just like it at the moment only smaller. mines only about 150cm long and about 80 wide its gonna be a coffee table.
Thing is. I could make you one. But i'm currently living in New Zealand. I could always ship it to you (from your wallet of course).
If you want to just find me on Facebook. My Name is Max Giles, my home town is Nottingham, England, but i'm currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. My photo is of an old Mustached man smoking a cigar in Black and white.
I'm keen to make it cause i'm just improving my skills at the moment.
The piece of wood would only cost about $50 shipping would cost a bit... and i don't need much for my time :)