31 October 2008

'ween linkage

- perhaps my favorite series of vids ever. animals. at the zoo. playing with pumpkins.
- for the men in our lives with hopes for a don draper halloween.
- my friend sent this to me for the holiday, it brings back my 80s's childhood in one clean swoop. i love the count and the batty bats.
-better late than never, campaigners in uk seeks pardon for witches from 16th-18thC
-i want this coat so bad, but the price is sspoooky!
i hope everyone has a great weekend. i'm off to the parade tonight and then up to boston.


Rebecca said...

ohhh, that coat is a pretty thing! I bet you could find an equivalent with a finer price tag certainly. hey, enjoy beantown--I miss that place, my old hometown...now i'm feeling wistful!

Emily said...

I totally remember the count and his batty bats!! Happy Halloween. Oh and I love the coat.

i.d. said...

Great inspiration - that coat is amazing!

Julia said...

The coat reminds me of Leanne from PR! So cute. I always make a beeline to the sale section at Anthro..don't have the heart to shell out the non-sale dollars!

Anonymous said...