28 August 2008

wednesday night's movie night and movie night is alright

tonight i saw elegy at my lincoln plaza. this theatre is forever endeared to me in all its small theatre wonder-- locally made baked goods, hand holding date nighters, old and occasionally deaf new yorkers, asking the screen questions though they may never receive an answer. (think less "ms. director, why must you bombard me with foreshadow?"-- more "what did she say?").

although this movie is far too depressing for your average wednesday, i have no regrets for an incredible girl crush has been born. i'm in love with penelope, yeah i said it. its definitely a great movie it just requires a hug afterward as the moral of this story goes (spoiler alert) men suck until you get cancer.

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Rebecca said...

Oh, good to know it was good--I was looking for a review! Cruz is just amazing in Almodovar's flicks--I love "Volver."