28 August 2008

2008 commitment to excellence continues

part of my 2008 commitment to excellence is to take as many free classes as i can. so as one could imagine i was happy to find this list from time out magazine of free seminars offered at nyc colleges. on my must attend list is maya angelou at pace (she spoke so beautifully at my college graduation), joseph o’neill (of netherland fame) at marymount manhattan, maybe a few hours at cuny's drunk-driving simulator (why not?) and obvi the lolita panel at the new school, (since its one of my favorite all time books). its just another reason why i love new york, its so easy to be a remain a student with or without the college id.

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Rebecca said...

Sounds like fun. Angelous is pretty remarkable, isn't she? I'm a big fan of Lucille Clifton, too. I hadn't heard of O'Neill before--I'm excited to check him out.