03 October 2008

autumnal montage

fall is my absolutely my most favorite season. it always feels so short so i like to get as fall-y as possible. this is my approach.

1. a ridiculously cute thermos for hot cider
2. a new pie dish for pumpkin and apple pies
3. egyptian licorice tea, i know i know waiit, no its delicious and it doesn't taste at all like licorice. it tastes like fall, its cinnamony splendor and naturally, unusually sweet. its incred.ib.le. try it and be my soulmate.
4. a very cheeky (believe me and click the link!) mug in honor of oktoberfest
5. the snuggliest slippers you've ever seen


teenfashionista said...

I have a serious weakness for naturally sweet tea and I adore licorice... but does it really not taste anything like licorice? That makes me kind of sad.

Emily said...

Fall is my favorite season too. I can't handle cold at all but for fall I'm willing to sacrifice. I love your appoach to fall.

Stephanie said...

Those slippers!


(And I love licorice tea, too, even without liking licorice things - so, so good!)

Freckle Farm said...

those slippers are perfect! and what a deal, too.

Joanna Goddard said...

love the slippers! my feet are huge, it would take her forever :)

Anonymous said...