01 October 2008

paris et ny

is it bad i've never been to the museum of the city of ny? i need to get on it.

what: Paris/New York: Design/Fashion/Culture 1925-1940
 ..what: oh sorry, think: helena rubinstein, coco chanel, salvador dali, 1925 exposition internationale des arts d√©coratifs et industriels modernes in paris, the 1939/40 world’s fair and everything else that we worship and love
where: museum of the city of new york, 1220 fifth ave. 
when: it opens this friday
mo info: voila
me: i gotta get me up to spanish harlem ahora, ahem i mean maintenant.

1 comment:

i.d. said...

Is that an art deco exhibit? I LOVE that era! You're so lucky you're in New York and have all these cool museums at your fingertips!