18 May 2009

gossip girl gingham

mondays are rough for me in the morning. the transition from play to work clothes keeps me paralyzed in front of my closet. so either i have something crazy on or my hair looks crazy because i ran out trying to avoid said crazy outfit. these sentiments are further heightened due to my apt's proximity to private high schools.

these girls (as i've mentioned before) are so incredibly kempt and chic, it makes me want to start wearing sunglasses until i get to the subway. i noticed per girl herd there were approximately 2-3 in gingham which can only mean 1 thing: i need to get me some of that.
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Classic Twist said...

lol, I can relate to what you're feeling...I'm on the UES and very close to all the private schools too. I love the gingham idea...especially adorned on the keds.

Rebecca said...

my favorite pattern always!

duet letterpress said...

i love the yellow shirt! it's perfect for summer.