14 May 2009

moi, moi-même et je

my sister's bountiful flickr account is almost entirely comprised self-portraits. i always found it slightly unsettling. though upon reflection today i was reminded of a painter i had heard about when i was in paris in the fall. his name is arnaud prinstet. he has painted an autoportrait everyday for the last 10 years. 

i found his blog and a great article in ladd magazine. he says his work is a diary of who he is each day, a body of art cataloguing his perpetual state of transformation. he has great videos of himself painting around paris. he's even more adorable than these portraits suggest.  amazingly introspective as illustrated in both work and life, he studied engineering but then later on in life decided to study art in NY. maybe i should cut my sister some slack.  
(images here & here)


Cabrizette said...

very interesting. I didn't know this artist. Thanks !

Marian said...

what amazing pieces! i love that second painting so much. could stare at it forever,
muah x

Maggie said...

Thanks! I've been trying to get information on this artist but everything I have found so far has been in French! Thanks for bringing his work to the English speaking world. Your blog is truly groundbreaking!