20 May 2009

squash anyone?

so last night i went to the university club of ny to watch a gal pal's bf play in his squash final. and i thought i would share my findings. my findings are as follows: the club is awesome! i've walked by it on madison so many times, I now realize I was too mesmerized by the smell of the indoor pool to have noticed it there. i didn't make it downstairs to the pool as it is occupied by nude dudes (per the nyt). but i think i'd strip down to give it a try.

right? the club's pride and joy, rightfully so is their library. it has a fantastic collection of book and art, and ridiculous architecture. there are pictures from this century on the web, but it looks identical today as it did in james alexander's "A history of the University Club of New York, 1865-1915."

in other news, i'm really into squash now though. its my new thing so be forewarned, there will be related posts to follow.


E said...

Gorgeous! I've been to the University Club here in DC and it's very similar I think - kind of English.

Bri said...

Places like that still exist? How wonderful!